Magnum PSI

In the fall of 2013, Team 3556 designed and built a vibrant, LED lighted, t-shirt launching robot to inspire our rural community about FIRST and encourage them to pursue STEM fields. Magnum PSI is a symbol of today’s advances in technology and how engineering affects the development of tomorrow’s future.

Magnum PSI debuted at the Homecoming Parade of Columbia High School, and launched t-shirts, footballs, and confetti at the football game later that evening. Children were invited out of the stands during halftime to take a closer look at him and how he works.

Since the revealing of Magnum PSI at the homecoming parade, Team 3556 decided to go a little further out into the community. We took Magnum to many schools and events including:

October 27, 2013: Columbia City Elementary Fall Festival

 November 12, 2013: Niblack Elementary School Science Night

 December 5, 2013: Summers Elementary Space Night

February 14, 2014:  Lake City’s annual Olustee Festival


January 16, 2016: North East Florida FLL Championship. Our members were invited to this event by the FLL affiliate partners in order to showcase Magnum PSI and represent FRC at the competition. Here, students were able to showcase and operate him in front of the kids, the public, and the president of FIRST, Don Bossi!

FB_IMG_1514868561220October 21, 2017: Columbia High School Homecoming Game with our wonderful sponsors’ t-shirts!

If you are interested in booking Magnum PSI for any event or occasion, email us with your contact information and the event, and Team 3556 will get back to you as soon as possible.

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