Juan Diaz

Location : Lake City, FL

Occupation : Engineer/Operations Superintendent

Education : Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of Florida

Mentor Since : 2011

Mr. Diaz was personally asked by our former principal and current county superintendent, Mr. Terry Huddleston, to become a mentor in our rookie season of 2011. He enjoys being a mentor because of the satisfaction of working with gifted kids and influencing their outlook of the future and prospective career paths.  Mr. Diaz is a professional role model for the members of GET SMART. He believes he can give an insight to what actual engineers do in the real world, with over 20 years of mechanical engineering, project management, chemical plant operations, and maintenance experience. He supports the growing importance of STEM-pursuing students, saying its for the better future of America to graduate with a higher percentage if STEM college students. His fondest moment with the team is being selected by the #1 seeded alliance during the 2012 Orlando Regional in only our second year as a team.  Diaz was also Team 3556’s nomination for the 2014 Woodie Flowers Award and his impact on the team is extremely valued.