Celena Crews

Photo Feb 11, 7 00 22 PM

: Lake City, FL

Occupation : Teacher/Aerospace Engineer

Education : Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (UF)

Mentor Since : 2010

Celena Crews is the head coach of the Columbia High School FIRST Robotics Team #3556. She returned to Lake City after several years at NASA as a systems engineer, working on the International Space Station (ISS) project. She pursued teaching to inspire students to take up careers in engineering and technology, and being a part of FIRST Robotics has only benefited her intentions. She originally signed up to be an ordinary calculus teacher at CHS. Mrs. Crews unexpectedly ended up assuming the position of Head Coach after Columbia High School signed up for a grant which involved creating a FIRST Robotics team.

Mrs. Crews was employed at the Kennedy Space Center and was transferred to the Johnson Space Center where she was a part of the Electrical Power System team on the International Space Station program, in the mission evaluation room of mission control. She now teaches Advanced Placement Calculus, Advanced Placement Physics, and Engineering Technology. Thanks to FIRST Robotics, Mrs. Crews has started an Engineering Academy at Columbia High School. She also founded Crews Engineering Services with her husband, Brett, and it has been providing services for 5 years. A few of her favorite memories with the Robotics team were being in the school commons at two in the morning testing the robot, hanging their first tube in practice and at the team’s first competition, Logomotion, when that robot punched a hole in her classroom wall during a test run, and when Team 3556 was selected for finals in the 2012 FRC game, Rebound Rumble. Mrs. Crews coaches the robotics team, teaches classes, and is also a mom to boot. Currently, Mrs. Crews acts as a manager, trying to keep the team on task with her saintly capacity for patience.