2012- Rebound Rumble

Rebound Rumble is the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition game. It is played similarly to basketball. Matches in Rebound Rumble last 135 seconds. That time is divided into 2 sections- Hybrid mode and Teleoperated (or Teleop) mode. During Hybrid mode, two robots on each alliance have to act autonomously. During Teleop mode, robots are controlled by human drivers. At events, there are two types of matches: qualification and elimination. Robots compete in qualification matches to determine seed and who will compete in the elimination bracket. Robots can balance on a Coopertition Bridge and shoot baskets to gain more points. The World Championships for Rebound Rumble were held April 26-28 at the Edward Jones Dome in St Louis, Missouri.

 At the 2012 Orlando Regional, Team 3556 was selected to play with the #1 seeded team, Team SPAM. Our alliance (SPAM, Shark Attack, and GET SMART) made it to the final round of competition. We placed in second place out of the sixty-three teams that attended the event.

Our robot, Maxwell, used rotating brushes to pick up balls from the field. A conveyor system then took the balls to our rotating shooter, in which a spinning wheel shot the balls into the goals.

Our autonomous coding in Rebound Rumble was excellent, and allowed our robot to make dozens of extra points by firing balls itself.

Our Rebound Rumble robot, Maxwell.